Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Samsung Galaxy SIII Explodes inside a girls Pocket

Yes you read it right. And this has happened before too with different phones
An 18 year old woman in Switzerland was badly burned when her Samsung Galaxy SIII exploded when inside her right pocket. This happened while she was at work.

This is rather disturbing and the phone has been sent to Samsung for further investigation
The girl claims it had the original SIII battery inside

MyXperia now out of Beta

The MyXperia App/Setting which was in beta stage from like almost a year is now out of it's beta phase.
Compatible on the 2012 and onward series of Xpera Smartphones, this is something which really is very crucial to smartphones today.

Unlike many apps out there, this will via GPS track your phone and if in case it get's lost, you can see exactly where it is. Also it can make the phone produce an alarm noise automatically at a high volume and remotely wipe your data.
This uses your google account both ways so the one you sign in on from your phone will be the same one used from the website.
You can head on to use it if you did get the notification or from the latest update by going under "Xperia" in Settings.

Android 4.3 Update 'Round the Corner

There have been many leaks reported and well it was then up on SamMobile about a Android 4.3 running Galaxy S4 was out there in the wild. Now reports are coming in about a similar one for the Xperia Z.
All these can just indicate one thing. Android 4.3 is just around the corner.
Although the only thing truly different about this update was the Always On WiFi and of course the notifications which could be managed via another app, but there are more in the making. (Hopeful)
Although Google is mum about any event they would be holding so either another Android isn't so close. Or it's not going to make too much of a big deal out of it.
Well pick you side and hope for the best!